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Top 20 Hunters
December 11th 2023
Rank.NameExp Hunted
1. SILVARION 118.256
2. rhodakins 46.192
3. SkyGoon 40.128
4. Braezen 40.04
5. ells 30.304
6. Ogedei 27.492
7. Novatius 27.45
8. Khatun 27.32
9. POCPOET 19.436
10. Akiudo 19.352
11. Kounted 18.424
12. Shoahs 18.126
13. DaWkdPlaYa 16.642
14. Borat 15.632
15. Aesein 15.392
16. noots 15.1
17. Khloee 13.952
18. Vitamin 13.488
19. BraveStones 12.816
20. WarHeart 11.834

Community Info (18062)

Total Stats
Vita: 3,952,923,299
Mana: 2,255,347,804
Gold: 41,024,260,209
MQ: 2,530,508
StatAddicts 46

99 : 2376
Il San: 2907
Ee San: 2361
Sam San: 1792
Sa San: 2370

Male: 10881
Female: 5306

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Update Outage (Feb-14 to Jun-15 2016)

Daily updates have resumed. All unaccounted for accumulated stats have been added to Jun 15 2016. Please PM issues to Berig on

Give your Opinion (Tuesday, July 10th)

We normally do not get involved in news or politics, but I wanted to make a comment on this Community vote that is currently going on. I know this is strictly opinion, but I cant help but make a comment when I see that option c (the worst possible option) is in the lead.

This vote is to decide what to do with people who have Sa Sacraficed thier stats way below thier current level. This places EE san's in cave 1 hunting groups, or any other downgrading you can think of. This has been fixed, and can no longer be done. The vote going on, is to help KRU decide what to do with those who already have stats below thier mark.

Here are your options
a) Loss of spells and mark
b) Return to base stats for the mark
c) Do nothing, allow them to stay

I implore you all, as hunters and players, to vote for b on all your alts..

The "bug" has been fixed, and there is no reason to allow a set group of people to remain overpowered as in option c. There is also no need to punish people who did not realize this was a bug, such as option a. The issue needs to be fixed, while causing the least harm to players. Sure, these people may have gained gold or items when dropping low, but there is absolutely no reason to allow them to continue to do this, since it has been determined that no one will be able to sac down anymore. I didn't even include D in the options since the carnage staff does not allow abuse in PK events.


Server Move, again. (Tuesday, June 6th)

I moved the server location, so until we can get our domain name to point to the new server, please use the URL We'll be trying to get this situated ASAP to prevent confusion. I'll be keeping the old server up as long as I can, but tomorrow night NF signatures, and the redirect from will be unavailable.

Back up, again. (Wednesday, May 20th)

So, just as soon as we figured out our server issues and had a few weeks of uptime, I went and did something stupid again. As a result, I had to fix a bunch of stuff that I had already done, but we should be back in business now. The sigs are still not functioning correctly, but I should have that resolved tonight or tomorrow.

Server Issues (Monday, April 13th)

We're currently dealing with some issues due to a server who can't keep up with our usage. We will be moving to another server shortly. I appologize for any downtime


Wisdom Star Hunting Contest Winner! xCorrosivEx

xCorrosivEx is our winner with 541.104 billion xp recorded. We havent tracked many wisdom star events, but this is a record breaker in our books. It was a very close race, DivinePoet was only 10 billion behind xCorrosivEx. goldenflames was right on thier tail with 500 billion, taking third place. I realize that this does not include people who don't show thier stats. If you're not brave enough to show your stats, don't be brave enough to complain :)

Wisdom Star (Friday, March 6th)

Wisdom star is back. I will post a running list of the top hunters over on the right. Whoever hunts (and records) the most XP will win 100k. Yes, you heard right! A contest for hunting rather than roleplaying.

Craft Charts(LOSTurday, March 3rd)

We have added the much requested crafting feature back to the site. Click Crafts in the top menu, or use this link to see what we've done.

Sweet stability (Tuesday, February 24th)

I've made some pretty decent updates. First off is the ajax. You'll notice the lists load a heck of a lot faster. I added some caching behind the scenes and the ajax loads makes it all seem a bit more seamless. Now that the updates are a bit more sturdy, I have been doing some data collecting to try and time the updates a bit more in tune with KRUs.

Made a fix (Friday, February 13th)

I made a work around to get around the block between KRU's server and ours. Updates might be a little slower now, but at least we're getting data.

Update (LOSTurday, February 4th)

I wrote a new algorithm to increase our update speed. But I think I went a little overboard at first, so we are currently blocked from No matter though, we will either get this resolved or get around it by doing the host dance.

Wisdom Star is here (Friday, January 30th)

This weekend is double experience. Post your stat goals here and use our tracking to see if you met them.

1 Million Signature Views (Tuesday, December 30th)

Thank you everyone for using our signature feature. Thanks to you, we reached 1,000,000 views this morning. Look on your StatAddict userpage to find the link to your signature. As a side note, userpages have been down since Fri Dec 12 02:12:41 2008. You can always find the most recent userpage update date located at the bottom of our page.


New Profile Look and Feature for Non Disclosers (Monday, December 8th)

I went ahead and made the profile pages a bit more user friendly, they are not done yet, but I'm going to go ahead and put them in in hopes of getting a bit more feedback. Also! I have put a feature in that will allow people to save thier stats to view later. This is useful for people who do not show thier stats, but would like to use the calculator without having to re-enter the values everytime they return to the site. For those who don't show stats, you will see a "Save Stats" link under the calculator. (Use my page as an example)

NOTE This does NOT save to the server, and your stats will not be given out. The values used here will be stored as a cookie locally on your machine. As Always, let me know what you think on NF
- AceoStar

-PS: Userpages are back up :D

News (Saturday, November 22)

As most of you have noticed. The userpages have been down since the 10th. This puts a giant black hole in my motivation, but as soon as they come back up I will be offering some new features for tracking. Im setting up a new view for the player page to try and reduce the clutter. That may come later today, maybe later next week, who knows :p

Grats on Sa San (Saturday, October 11)

We currently have 2370 Sa Sans.

Back In Business (Thursday, October 9)

Userpages are back just in time for Sa San. Good luck everyone!

Userpages/Boards still not updating (Wednesday, October 1)

I'm going to halt the auto updates for the time being. Since the userpages aren't updating, theres no reason to try and update StatAddict, I'll only risk skewing the auto calculations since the top lists never stop updating even though the userpages are. Post on NF if you see the userpages fixed before I do.

Userpages not updating (Tuesday, Sept 30)

Sorry guys, userpages have stopped updating. I have sent in a ticket letting them know, but feel free to do the same. Your hunting data should be recorded all in one day whenever they come back up. :/

Tracking and Caves, and Boards Oh My! (Monday, Sept 29)

Tracking is finally back. Expect a bit of data loss as we perfect our process. Caves are also now listed at the bottom of your userpage. If you are listed in the wrong cave, or see that we have cave stats listed incorrectly, please report it here.
The Boards are now updating again as well. Recent items for sale/buy can be seen on the left side.

Signatures (Wednesday, Sept 25)

Signatures are here! Get the link to yours on your StatAddict user page. Don't forget, put in your nexus profile today!

Signatures (Monday, Sept 22)

Signatures are coming soon. These are dynamically generated images that will show the world information on your character.

User Pages Updating! (Tuesday, Sept 16)

mug fixed the userpages! Expect continued development on user tracking now that we have actively live data to work with. Urge everyone in the game to create a userpage!

Beta Release

I'm proud to say that we are ready for a actual beta test release. Stat tracking isn't going right now partly because the character pages haven't been updating... Everything else should be -working- but might not necessarily be finished.

The History

StatAddict started out as a desktop application written in Delphi by flapjax. flapjax and AceoStar later converted it into a web application powered by a delphi backend. A year later the site was converted into pure php and stayed that way for a few years. As a result of all the upgrades, the site became cluttered, heavy, and highly db intensive. This re-write is geared twords effectively presenting, retrieving, and calculating results.


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